All Medical Dosimetry Certificate applicants must complete a clinical shadow experience before applying, however it is recommended that applicants complete a shadow in advance as soon as they identify an interest in applying to the program.  This will require at least 4 hours of your time and consists of observing certified Medical Dosimetrists at work to assure your suitability for the career you are pursuing. 

Applicants are encouraged to complete the shadow experience at a nearby medical institution of their choice by contacting the Radiation Oncology Department and requesting a Medical Dosimetry shadow. If you need assistance scheduling a clinical shadow, the Suffolk Radiation Science Program can also arrange a shadow at one of our local hospital affiliates. 

Please complete this form in its entirety in order to receive assistance with coordinating a clinic shadow.

After your clinical shadow is complete, the program will request feedback from the individual(s) with whom you shadowed. 

Thank you,
Suffolk Radiation Science